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Ashley and Jenn are best friends and adventurers who have become resident Los Angeles experts in the last 5 years. After becoming the "go-to" duo on all things LA, making exhaustive lists and itineraries for our family, co-workers, old college roommates, former Little League coaches, and ex-boyfriends, we decided to save ourselves from carpel tunnel syndrome and put all our knowledge in one place: our new blog!

We LOVE our city, but it's unlike anywhere else - home to hundreds of neighborhoods, each one distinct and different and delightful. More often than not, neighborhoods may only be separated by a handful of miles, but in bumper-to-bumper-freeways-chocker-block-with-cars, that could mean HOURS between places. It's a town where traffic can seem unendurable and downright oppressive. Plans to have lunch in Malibu and then catch an art exhibit at MOCA? Dream on. You will find yourself having the truly authentic Angeleno experience of listening to NPR news updates on a loop while you pound your head into the steering wheel.

Los Angeles is a city of neighborhoods, and we wanted to celebrate that. Our blog stems from the idea that it's best to tackle one neighborhood at a time, on foot or by bicycle, train, or rollerskate. We wanted to build a blog that was more than reviewing a restaurant or cafe. Our goal was to create a comprehensive itinerary for our visitor: a Los Angeles neighborhood you could explore in the space of a day, SANS CAR, with tasty and inventive spots to eat and drink, fun and unique things to do – as well as tidbits on walking or biking, fantastic coffee, fresh cocktails, hidden hikes, and local markets. We wanted to create your very best day in LA.

Welcome to OUR Los Angeles, a place with the laid-back atmosphere of a surfing town, the energy and spirit of any cosmopolitan city, and the iconic glitz of old Hollywood. We can't wait for your to dive into our sprawling, sunny city....

Exploring the best of LA in a single day. One neighborhood at a time.

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